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Welcome and Kia Ora

Oruaiti School has the motto of Caring, Responsible, Confident, Lifelong Learners and we work with our students to achieve this. Our teachers provide a caring culture that meets the emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of our students. Respecting and valuing others, as well as being honest and using good manners, have a high priority. Teachers have high expectations and set academic goals for children to help them achieve success.

We believe that all students have the right to quality teaching and learning and we aim to provide this at Oruaiti School. Our vision is to ‘ Inspire, Create, Grow Together’

We currently have 8 classes at Oruaiti School catering for students from year one to year eight. Students in years 4 – 8 have 1-1 devices, since 2020 we have encouraged year 4 students to purchase their own devices which they will be able to take home once some training is completed, other students in the school have also been given the opportunity to purchase their own devices through the Te Hiku Education Trust, which we are part of. All other students are provided with devices owned by the school. Students in years 1-3 currently have 1-1 I pads.

Our children are living in a world which is constantly changing. We need to ensure our students are prepared to cope with change and have the ability to control changes rather than have changes control them. At Oruaiti School we provide a safe environment where children feel confident to take risks in their learning and mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn.

We are fortunate to have an extremely supportive community at Oruaiti School. Caregivers and Whanau are welcome at any time in our school. We aim to provide opportunities for them to ‘have a say’ in what happens within our school and value the input they have. By all working together we can ensure our students leave Oruaiti School with knowledge, skills and values to see them succeed in the future.

Please read more about our school on this website.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Diane Bates

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