At Oruaiti School all students participate in a variety of sports according to the season of the year

In summer the students have a daily swimming lesson including one lesson each week with a sports specialist.  Our students participate in inter-school sports whenever possible. These events include:

  • Swimming

  • Rippa Rugby

  • Tennis

  • Hockey

  • Soccer

  • Rugby

  • Netball

  • Cross country Running

  • Athletics

Oruaiti school supports our students participation in Saturday sports events. Owing to our small class sizes we are unable to field Saturday soccer or rugby teams as there are insufficient numbers of students of any one size or age so we encourage the children to participate by joining an Eastern club team. However, we endeavour to have at least one Netball team and some years are even able to have both a Junior and a Senior netball team.

We have some wonderfully supportive parents who are willing to give their time to assist in coaching sports teams.