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Welcome to the interactive website and online school newspaper site for our school. We hope you enjoy the experience as much as the students will enjoy sharing their learning online with you and other family and friends in a multi media way. The school has chosen this software for the students as it offers them an easy to use and safe site that provide a genuine and authentic audience for their work and assist them with the development of their literacy skills and Digital Citizenship skills.

To ensure the best experience using this site, we recommend you use either Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari (for Apple users) as your internet browser.

To search for anything on this site, please use the keyword search box at the top right corner.

School online newspaper 

To find out what is happening in the classroom and to see the classwork that has recently been published on the school website, click on the Online School Newspaper page. This will display the most recent classwork, including featured work at the top on the slideshow.

To find classwork in different categories (such as your child’s class, sports, videos, etc), hover over the menu and select the name of the category you want to view posts of. Many of these categories could have drop down categories (such as classroom names/numbers, and some of those may have their own drop down categories such as homework, literacy, maths, etc). Simply click on the category of your choice to view student or classwork posted in there.

On the right hand side you can view upcoming events (which when clicked on provide more info and possibly a location map for the event), or select from a list of authors, recent posts and recent comments.

Get alerts when your child has work published

To receive these alerts via email, there are a few steps to set this up, but you only need to do this once. You will need to use Firefox to set up these email alerts as none of the other browsers offer this option (they only offer alerts on bookmarks). Once it is set up using Firefox you can continue to view the site in your regular internet browser of choice.

  1. Find one of your child’s posts
  2. At the bottom of their post you will see a group of links that display their display name, date, categories, etc. Click on your child’s display name and this will open up the list of all of their published work with their name, bio and avatar at the top.
  3. To the right of their name you will see a link that says “Subscribe to this Author”. Click on this link and a new box will open up.
  4. Here you can choose to receive alerts via a bookmark or Outlook. Select Outlook if you wish to receive this alerts via email
  5. Click on the Subscribe Now button to confirm.

You can also follow the same steps to receive alerts for news categories of your choice, such as your child’s class’s work, newsletters, homework, etc. Simply click on the category (or one from a drop down list) and select “Subscribe to this Category”.


Your child will love feedback on their work! Comments can be made by parents, teachers, fellow students and friends, grandparents – in fact anyone who visits your school’s site and wants to offer their comments to what they have read and seen.

To leave a Comment, fill out the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of the Post.

You need to fill in the name and email address boxes and then your message (a website address is not required and the email address will not be published).

When you click on the “Submit” button, your comment will be held for moderation by an admin person or teacher to approve before it is published on the site. This could take a couple of days to appear.

All comments submitted on the site need to be checked first to ensure that no negative or inappropriate comments are published on the site.


Thank you and enjoy using our Cabu! site!