Kiwi Can Raft Race

The raft race!! Me Tazman Riley and Cordell met at whangaroa harbour by a ramp. Tazman and his mum had the raft on their trailer. Then we carried the raft down the ramp. We put [...]

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Whanau Kauri Tracking Tunnels

Whanau Kauri have been tracking pests in our wetlands area. We have discovered evidence of rats, mice, female stoats and possums so far. Watch this space to find out more about how we are going [...]

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Swimming sports with Issac!!

Every Monday, Whanau Kowhai gets to work with Isaac on our swimming!! We learned about how to float using objects that you might find on a boat while fishing. Isaac gave us containers, balls chilly [...]

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St Patricks Day Green Mufti

On St Patricks Day we had a mufti day where students were asked to wear green. Students put in a lot of effort, with green wigs, hats, face paint and clothing.

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