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Making Frozen Banana Pops.

It was Fun Day Friday and we got to make frozen banana pops... first we melted the chocolate, cut up the bananas and label our popsicle stick.  Then we had to cover the banana with [...]

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Making Strawberry Jam

Rimu and Kowhai made strawberry jam, first we had to wash all the strawberries and cut them up.  Then we boiled them with LOTS of sugar.  Lastly we poured them into jars.  It tasted scrumptious!!!!

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Wearable arts

This term we are creating wearable arts from our school milk cartons.  This is for our Matariki festival on Thursday 5th July.  We will be finishing these creations the week leading up to the wearable [...]

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Rimu’s History Trip

 RIMU’S HISTORY TRIP!        Yesterday on May 22nd! We went on a trip to the Walden’s farm! Because our whole school is learning about the History of Oruaiti! When we got to Mrs Walden’s house, [...]

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In the olden days….

  Today is Thursday 1 June (World milk day) As you see in this photo there are different milk things a carton and a glass bottle. Now we use cartons for school instead of glass bottles [...]

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Swimming Sports 2017 By Latiya

On Tuesday fourteenth of March at ten o'clock in the morning it was SWIMMING SPORTS at our school. First year four, five, six, seven, and eight got changed. Next we did the competitive swimming first. [...]

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Kiwi Can Raft Race

The raft race!! Me Tazman Riley and Cordell met at whangaroa harbour by a ramp. Tazman and his mum had the raft on their trailer. Then we carried the raft down the ramp. We put [...]

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