The raft race!!

Me Tazman Riley and Cordell met at whangaroa harbour by a ramp. Tazman and his mum had the raft on their trailer. Then we carried the raft down the ramp. We put our fake scuba bottles on over our life jackets. We sorted out where we were sitting. We hopped on our raft and practised paddling then Riley and Tazman fell off and it took ages for them to get back on. After that the man said go and line up by the guy with the red paddle board and said “three two one go!!”    

By Camryn


As we were past the corner people attacked us with oars and got in front of our raft.  It was fun but hard work to paddle.  We overtook some rafts and then they overtook us.  At the end the coastguard sprayed us with water.  We came 8th I think.               

 By Riley Foster


At the end of the race we jumped off the wharf and had a swim.  Then we played games and had a duck race.  When we swam the raft to shore I got some oyster cuts.    By Cordell Grace

At prize giving Riley left and it was only Cordell, Camryn and me.  There was heaps of prizes.  Kurt’s raft got a prize, we got a spot prize.  We got a chocolate fish and a calendar and some lollies and a hat.       By Tazman Walden